Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home Depot Safety Day

Saturday morning all of us went to Home Depot for their Annual "Safety Day." We only knew about it because they postponed there Kid's Workshop this month until then. You are supposed to be 5 to be a part of the kid's workshop but we let Abbie try it out this time. She actually really enjoyed it. Marty said she did great at following the instructions and also at hammering in the nails.

Here Abbie and Graham are getting started:

Abbie intently hammering in some of her nails:

Graham just knows exactly what to do after doing so many of the kid's workshops. I think he has done somewhere around 14 now.

After they finished there firehouse banks and Molly and I got some free popcorn they were handing out, we went and looked inside the firetruck and ambulance. It was the Casselberry Fire Department and they were so nice and showed the kids around the trucks and answered lots of questions.

Abbie, Graham and Molly

All smiles on this cold (yeah!) Saturday morning. It's hard to believe the night before we were wearing shorts to the Fall Festival, it was really chilly especially since this was all in the shade.

Graham just loves to make weird faces for the camera. I don't mind, at least he still let's me take his picture!

The fireman was telling them all about the truck:

and showing them some things inside of it.

It was so nice to have a cold day in Florida. The kids and I played outside for pretty much the whole day. We had to enjoy it while it lasted!


  1. Such cute kiddos! They are so big and growing too fast we need a STOP button! So wish we lived by each other to share in this journey of mommyhood! I love you and your precious family!!

  2. oh my word! So cute! I love that they went inside the truck! FUN!!!