Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ace Gymnastics

I am so far behind in my blog, but want to go back and do a few that I missed. Last month, on September 9 Abbie, Molly and I got to go to Ace Gymnastics with our Moms4Moms group. Graham was very disappointed that he didn't get to go. He keeps asking if he can take gymnastics lessons! We will eventually let him take a few we just haven't gotten around to it yet:)

Abbie and Molly had a great time running around the huge gym space. I have so many more pictures but they are mostly of there back:) Ace had a few instructors around the gym and one that was doing different activities as a group. The girls weren't interested in doing the group things pretty much at all. They just wanted to explore and do it on there time, which was fun and lots of others did the same thing.

The girls loved this it is a really long trampoline that goes into the foam pit. They would bounce all the way down it but I never could get them to jump into the foam pit.

Jumping on a big piece of foam!

Abbie really liked the balance beams. They had quite a few at different heights.

Molly had to take a turn then.

There were these huge fans that kept us all cool while we ran around.

The one group activity that Molly did was swing on the rope, she loved it! She had a huge smile on her face while she was swinging and then when she got down yelled, "I did it." She was proud of herself.

Then Molly tried out one of the big balls on the trampoline.

And Abbie rolled this around for a long time.

The other thing the girls really loved were the bars. They loved just hanging on them. They have low ones that they could reach and they just really like swinging themselves and hanging.

Molly was tired out! She never takes naps anymore but I had her rest afterwards and this was how I found her, almost curled into a ball with her feet up on the floor.
Such a fun time we had at Ace Gymnastics, we were so thankful that the Moms4Moms scheduled the playdate. And we found out about an Open House that they had not long after this so Graham got to go also. I have a few pictures from that day that I will post in my catching up:)

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