Saturday, September 26, 2009

Abbie's First Day (and kind of Molly's)

Abbie started her first day of Pre-K on September 2nd. The day before, Tuesday, we had an open house at the school. I only took one picture of Abbie and Molly at the open house. I was a little preoccupied having to go to both of their classrooms by myself because Marty was out of town unexpectedly at a funeral. I also had missed the orientation meeting because we went to see the play Grease so I was getting all the information also. But here is the one picture I took of the girls both doing puzzles in Molly's classroom:

Then on Wednesday, Abbie had her first full day of school. I have to say preschool isn't as exciting to make sure you get a bunch of first day pictures when your kid has been going since she was 2.

After class and after we picked up Graham, we celebrated the first day with ice cream just like we did for Graham's first day. Abbie wanted to make a silly face when I took her picture:

Molly is just messy when she eats ice cream:

And Graham, well, Graham was just being the way he always is for pictures - silly:

Graham wanted to use the camera on my phone so this is the picture he took?! :

Then the next day, Thursday, was Molly's first day of her class. And unfortunately we have absolutely no pictures from that day. Abbie had to have some dental work done and that was the only day available for a while. I was disappointed Abbie missed her second day of school and that I didn't get to take Molly to her first, but it all turned out fine. They are both loving going to school and it is amazing how much Molly tells me about what she did in class - I am loving it!


  1. I still have a hard time believing Molly is that old! Crazy! Your kids are growing up SO fast!

    Love the sweet pics. . and your sweet kids! Let's get together next week maybe?


  2. the pics are so funny.... I love Grahams face in that pic where he is pointing at you... too funny