Thursday, October 28, 2010

Camping Day 1

In October, we went camping as a family with a few other families. It was our first time camping as a family so we were really hoping it would go well. The kids absolutely loved camping and Marty and I enjoyed it also. I know a huge part of it was the friends we were with. It was so fun to camp with other people you know and it also helped a ton that someone else was in charge of making all the food for the weekend!

The tent Marty and I have is 12 years old. Yes we thought it would be fun on our 2nd anniversary to go camping near the beach - in August. So we haven't done much camping since that horribly hot experience. My point is our tent was to small for all 5 of us to sleep in so we borrowed a tent (we didn't want to buy one yet until we knew how it went).

Here's where the boys spent the weekend:

Us girls slept in our tent, that is so incredibly easy to set up. When we buy a bigger one, I hope we can find one this simple!

We stayed in Silver Springs and rented out a whole huge area that had a beach in the lake. It was perfect and so beautiful. A picture of all the kids on the first night there.

The beautiful sunset on our first night.

Deana was the one that bought and made all the food. She bought these giant marshmallows and of course Marty thought it would be fun to show he could fit one in his mouth - so pretty:)

Of course the marshmallows were supposed to be for roasting and making smores. So yummy!

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