Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kitchen hardware

Yesterday my husband installed hardware on our kitchen cabinets. It looks so much better. I was against it at first, because I like things simple. And I really like straight bar handles but they are to contemporary for our cabinets we have. Some day we will get to have most the things we want in a house - hopefully we can build some day. Anyways, so because my husband and many others really thought it would make the cabinets look better, I changed my mind. We really like the way it turned out. So here's a picture:

So now we really want stainless appliances:) BUT we are really working on contentment.

***This post was put up specially for my sweet friend Brandi and now she'll know which way our cabinets open.

1 comment:

  1. Finally, I can look for things in your dang kitchen!!! ha ha! Thanks!! Yeah, Marty, we won!

    Love you!