Friday, February 1, 2008

First Trip to Sea World

Our first family trip to Sea World was so much fun. The kids absolutely loved it!

All of us at the Shamu show, minus Molly.

If you look closely you can see that there are people jumping above the whales.

Graham watching the show.

Abbie loved the whales.

A person on top of the whale.

Graham, mommy and Abbie rode the "Ocean Commotion"

Abbie, Graham and daddy rode the "swishy fishies."

Then the kids went down some slides. Graham is running out so he can go again.

I guess Abbie didn't slide all the way to the end. She had to go in the pink slide, her favorite color.

Graham and Abbie (and some other random kid) with Shamu.

Abbie, Mommy and Graham getting ready to ride "The Flying Fiddler." I thought oh this is just a little kid ride, it won't really do anything, but it really did make me lose my stomach:)

Abbie, Graham and Daddy in the "Jazzy Jellies." It lifts you up while you spin. They did great, I thought they might be a little scared.

Riding the "Sea Carousel", not sure why Abbie looks so sad, she really was having a blast!

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