Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who is this boy?

Our little surfer boy last week,
then he became our little Dutch Boy,

finally here's our spiked hair boy!

We have been debating for a while about what to do with Graham's hair. We loved it long but were sort of ready for a change, and he didn't like the way it was always in his eyes. So on Sunday we took him in for just a slight trim and in order to get the hair out of his eyes, he became our little Dutch Boy. We felt our decision was made for us, it was time to cut it short!


  1. THat middle picture could have been taken in 1983!!

    I love the new look Graham!!

    What a cool kid!


  2. Cory has been wanting me to cut Jordan's hair for a while now. He definitely has the surfer look going on. I did trim it in the back so that it wouldn't stick straight out. I also cut it in the front enough so that it wasn't in his eyes. I just couldn't do more than that.
    It is amazing to me what a different kid Graham looks like in each picture. It's amazing what a haircut can do to your look.
    He looks adorable by the way.