Thursday, October 30, 2008

Abbie and Abby

At SeaWorld there is a Sesame Street show and the characters come outside so the kids can meet them. Well, we didn't see the show but we did see the characters come out while we were eating lunch. Abbie saw Zoe and thought that was cool but when she heard Abby Cadabby was there she wanted to see her. I know when she saw someone dressed in a big Shamu costume she didn't want to get very close, but when she saw Abby Cadabby she just ran right up and gave her a big hug. Thankfully I had my camera on when we were walking over or I wouldn't have caught the sweet hug. I just love that Abbie wasn't fearful at all- yeah! She told Abby Cadabby that her name was Abbie also and the characters don't talk but her expressions were that she was excited - Abbie loved it.

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  1. too cute! great photography. you are so good about updating your blogs. i am totally going to GET ON IT and blog tomorrow