Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chocolate or Strawberry?

Lately, Molly has loved pointed out all her body parts. She will go through eyes, ears, hair, mouth, belly button, hands, and feet. She loves to do this on herself and then to you also (normally poking you in the eye in the process). Well, sometimes when she points at her belly button she will point at her strawberry (which is like a raised mole but is red) that is on her belly.  Tonight Marty and her where doing this and when she go to her belly button she pointed to her strawberry and said "Chocolate." Close but not quite:)

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  1. Too Cute! I am missing my sweet Molly this week. you could have guessed, Anna is missing her Abbie. So, I didn't know that you Blogged. I just decided to start my own blog page on vacation. Even though we will probably talk to each other the very same day we read each others blog..ha ha ha...we can still follow each other's blog pages :-)Fun! My blog address is: Check it out if you get bored. See you in a couple day.