Saturday, June 6, 2009

Last Day of Kindergarten

Friday was Graham's last day of Kindergarten.  He wasn't excited about school ending since he won't get to see his friends every day but he was excited for their kindergarten program.

Graham has absolutely loved this school year.  His teacher, Ms. Sumrall, has been wonderful.  The other week she sent home a note because Graham had gotten a yellow warning star (instead of a green which means you had a great day) and even though it was about him getting in trouble she was incredibly sweet and supportive.  Her words were something like "Graham, what is going on?  I guess everyone has a few bad days every once in a while.  Graham is such a joy to have in my class."  I don't usually cry but it brought tears to my eyes because it was just so sweet and sincere.  She has definitely made a positive and great impact on Graham.

At school the Kindergarten classes put on a show for us for their last day.  Graham did a great job and actually sang all of the songs AND did all the hand motions.  He has been excited about singing and has even practiced some of his songs.  The other day he told me that he was going to go in his room and practice his songs and asked me not to come listen so it would be a surprise. 

Molly loved looking through the hymnals while we were waiting for the program to start:)

Abbie was having a snack while she waited.

Graham is on the top right.

Doing some hand motions during a song. (I'll have to see if Marty can fix the eyes, they just looked even weirder when I tried.)

Then after they sang songs they had a slide show of the school year.  It was fun to see all of his classmates and Graham was excited to point out who everyone was. 

Abbie, Graham and Daddy during the slideshow.

Then after the show Graham wanted to take pictures with his friends.
Graham and his friend Dathan

Graham, Ava and Faith

Graham and the best Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Sumrall

Reese, Faith, Graham and James
Abby H. and Graham

Graham and Sheridan

I love the face his teacher has here.  She was making a wow face to something Graham said:)
What a great school year it was!!

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