Sunday, June 28, 2009

Second Tooth

Graham lost his second tooth on the 16th (yes almost two weeks ago).  I was so surprised that he lost another one so soon.  And he has another one (on top) that is really loose also!  His second tooth was just as loose and almost falling out like the first one.

Just barely hanging on.  Don't you love the mouth?

This was how he sat watching a show in case his tooth fell out. 

He was so funny again because the tooth was just barely hanging on when it was time to go to bed.  I called Marty and asked what he thought, should I just leave it or pull it because I could feel that it was definitely still attached by one little piece.  I was really afraid it would come out while he was sleeping and swallow it.  Marty offered to pull it out when he got home, while Graham was sleeping!  So I said I'll just tell him why I have to pull it and he will agree.  He especially agreed when I explained if I pulled it now he would get his money from the tooth fairy tonight instead of tomorrow night:)  Pretty smart 6 year old boy!

He did great and I really didn't have to pull to hard.  I was a little nervous though. But now after this being the second tooth I feel like I get it and I won't be so cautious to pull the next one:)

Missing both bottom front teeth.

The second tooth on his box for the "tooth fairy." 


  1. such a big boy. .. love the pic of him watching tv ready to catch any falling teeth. hilarious.