Monday, June 29, 2009

Bowling Birthday Party

Last Saturday, the 20th, the kids were invited to a friends birthday bowling party.  We have been bowling as a family a few times and they always love it.  They especially enjoyed it this time with friends, pizza and cupcakes!

Abbie posing with her bowling ball.

She has quite the form!

I love the reaction.  She missed all the pins, yes even with the gutter gates up you can still do that?!

Graham would start all the way back at the seats and run with the ball.  He won on his team.  He was very proud of himself!

Showing Marty how strong he is!  (I still can't get used to the missing teeth.)

Even Marty got to bowl, here Molly was giving him a hand.

Daddy and daughter bowling.

Molly got to bowl some herself also.  Here another Marty is helping her bowl.  Molly did insist on carrying the ball to the lane by herself every time though!

A group shot, and yes I have still given up on getting a good one with all them in it:)

Can you see the bowling ball?  It is hard to see because it is in the air!  It was the funniest moment, C threw the ball and it went flying and then bounced really hard and would have gone in the other lane if the gutter gates weren't there.  We all laughed so hard, but not to hard because we didn't want sweet C to think we were laughing at him:)

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