Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We went to the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford in Monday with my brother and his family.  I had never been and was excited about it because my kids love animals.  Molly especially loves pretty much ever animal.  On our drive over I asked the kids in my car what one animal they really wanted to see.  Graham said a giraffe, it is his favorite animal.  Rachel (one of my brother's daughters) said a giraffe and a lion.  Abbie said a pig, I'm pretty sure that's her favorite animal and only because it is her favorite color, pink.  Molly wanted to see birds, which she loves to point out to us all the time while we are driving. She also points out squirrels and pretty much any other animal she can find. Erin (one of my brother's other daughters) said she wanted to see snakes, which was surprising since usually girls are afraid of snakes:)

The zoo was interesting but not near as good as the zoo in Oklahoma where we are all from. Graham was really disappointed there were not giraffes. He got excited at the cheetahs though, since his school mascot is a Cheetah.

You could get really close to the cheetah's through a "secret" path in the butterfly garden.  (I really need to learn to use my camera better, I could only focus the plants not the cheetah)

We found a cute little elephant also:)

This elephant was so funny because it kept standing with it's back legs crossed.  I know this was the girl elephant also.  You can see it a little in the picture.

The kids were getting so hot and tired by this time. I'm honestly not even sure what they are posing in front of since I can't see it.

We went through the "nature walk" and got bitten like crazy from mosquitoes but also saw a dinosaur.  Molly looks like she is pretending to be scared or something with her mouth open.

The kids were so ready to cool off at the zoo's splash pad.  It was pretty cool.  They had different animals that shot water out of them and fake palm trees with water coming out.  It was a great end to a very hot day. 

Here Naomi is sitting on the frog squirting Graham in the head while Molly watches:)

Hannah, Abbie, Naomi, Rachel and some other girl.  (I felt so bad for the other girl.  Immediately after I took this picture she fell of the rhino and bumped her head)

This was by far Molly's favorite thing at the splash pad.  When she first sat on the frog and the water stopped squirting she starting to get really upset.  Once she realized it would come back on in a minute she was OK.  She sat just like this for quite a while and would put her finger over the stream to make the water go everywhere.

Molly must have been inspired by all the animals at the zoo.  She was pretending to be a lion that night roaring at all her cousins.

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  1. so cute! Good for you... going to the zoo in the florida heat