Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun with yogurt

The kids must have been really hungry the other day at breakfast:

Graham thought it was so funny to pretend that this was his yogurt container:)  He was also joking around about it being yogurt for a giant.

Then of course Molly wanted to pretend also. 

Abbie wasn't into it quite as much.  I thought it was funny though.

Molly adores her "Beaner" as she calls him and so I let her hold it while Bean licked some of the yogurt out. 
Then Graham wanted to take a turn.  Notice Molly's huge smile in the background.

I am so glad we have such a great dog!  Graham shoved it all the way on Bean's face and he didn't really mind at all.

I guess his licks weren't enough.  He was trying to get more from Abbie later.  Abbie's PJs make me laugh because she loves wearing them even though they are baseball PJs that used to be Graham's.  She usually only wants to wear girly things so I'm glad she is liking something else:)

We really do have a wonderful dog.  Molly was playing in a toy bin and kept trying to get Bean to join her, so I put him in there with her.  He stayed for a while actually.  They are so funny together! 

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  1. Cute pics! Your kids are soo silly :) I love that your dog just plays along. Abs and her pjs... Too cute! Anna has some that Bradley handed down to her that say , "handsome like my daddy"... Yeah, they're her favorite pjs. She wears them all the time :)