Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am way behind on posting but two weeks ago Sunday (on the 28th) we went swimming again at Chris' house. The kids love swimming (or for the girls just being in the water)! 

The first time the kids and I went swimming this year, Molly fell in the pool.  She was only in the water for a few seconds and was kicking like crazy trying to get herself turned over, so now she only likes to play on the steps.  She cries and screams when you try to hold her in the water. It is frustrating because last year she had absolutely no fear of the water (and I mean NO fear). Oh well, she will learn eventually!

Abbie has been nervous in the water and not wanted anyone to bring her out into the water also.  But this time she let Marty bring her into the water and swim around for a while.  This last week she actually went to her first private swim lesson and it went alright but she was just very nervous and cautious.

The fun thing this time was that Graham just all the sudden wanted to swim on his own! Brittani had worked with him some the first time we went swimming but when Marty and I tried to help him it didn't go so well.  So this time we just let him be and he eventually just tried it on his own.  We were so proud of him!  What was even more amazing to me was that he was swimming with only one arm because he insisted on plugging his nose:)  Here is a short video of him swimming:

Here are some pics from the day:

Molly took a little break from playing to sit with Bean.

Graham resting also.

Abbie playing on the steps.

Molly really wanted Bean to come out again and swim.

Graham started out practicing with a kickboard.

Then Marty pushed him around for a while. 

Molly got back in the water. She wanted to wear the floatie but only on the steps:)

This was how the girls were almost the entire time.  They had no problem only playing on the steps.  They would even lay on the step and practice swimming.  Notice Molly got Bean back out at the pool. 

Then Marty got Bean to surf a little.  Bean stayed on the board just like this for a long time.  Not sure if he liked the water or was just to scared to get off of it.  Earlier he did get in at the steps on his own and swim for a second.

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