Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yearbook Pictures

The other day, when I had been at home for three solid days because Abbie was sick, I got a little bored and played around at this website  When I tried to do this months ago the site was down for a while and just never remembered to go back.  It was definitely the fun part of my day after having dealt with the stomach bug for three days.  I thought the pictures were hilarious.  Here are a few of the best or the worst not really sure!

This one is my 1960's look:

This is my mom in 1958!  Pretty similar I think.  (Which is so odd to me because I think I look more like my dad most of the time.)

Another picture of her around this same time.  Same hair just no glasses.  I just put this up for fun because I love this picture of her!

How I would like in 1964:  
How did they get the back so big, it reminds me of the "bumpits" infomercials:)
1970's look or the brown Farrah Fawcett look:
Another geekier version of the 70's:
when Graham saw this picture he asked me who that BOY was. It is pretty ugly!
My personal favorite, 1984:
I was only 8 at this time so I never got to have hair like this. I did wear bows in my hair then, but again I was 8 so that was normal.

The one that is the most realistic picture, from 1992:
See here is proof that I actually had my hair just like that. Yes, Glamour Shots in 1991!  What were they think ratting your hair like crazy, putting on so much makeup and making you wear tubetops under the "costumes."  I think besides the braces in the picture I do not look 14. 

This one is pretty much the same pose and everything!  I loved this picture at the time.  And somehow the proof got ink on it, so sad (or something like that).

So now for the one or two of you that reads this blog, I would love to see your pictures also.  If you do "yearbook yourself" (is that like "googling yourself" Brittani and Brandi?) do a post about it and leave a comment for me, I would love to see them!


  1. Love it! I can remember those glamour shots like yesterday! Fun!

  2. first off.. very funny about googling yourself... SECOND... this is one of the funniest posts ever! I vote that you do your hair to look like Farrah permanently! That was awesome!