Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last night we went to some friends' houses (they live across the street from each other) and had a Halloween party. There was a cookout, which Graham is always excited to have hotdogs on the grill, or as he says "hotdogs like he had at Dylan's party" (which was over a year ago). And then we went trick or treating in a group, a little crazy but overall very fun. Their neighborhood has lots of people that come trick or treat and lots of houses that were decorated, some a little scary, but everyone was very friendly.  Molly seemed to understand to go up to the door and wait for candy, but she couldn't remember to hold her basket up or to walk away once she got candy:)  All the kids did really well about saying thank you and knowing it was one piece per house, but one of the little girls has milk and wheat allergies so almost everything she got she would say "but I can't eat this" with a sad look on her face.  She was very sweet about it though and she did get plenty that she could eat.
Josh took these pictures of us when we were getting there and now I really want a camera with a lens like this. But maybe I should learn to use my camera first.

All the kids dressed up, getting ready to go trick or treating.
This was with my camera and not near as good but the Nemo costume was just too adorable.
Princess Molly 
Ironman Graham being so helpful and carrying the girls chairs.
Sleeping Beauty Abbie

All ready for the party, but mostly the candy!


  1. The kids LOVE your pics. Anna went crazy over Nemo. What a cute blog. I just love kids in costumes. I guess that is just the "circus" part of me coming out :-)