Sunday, January 24, 2010

Amy Grant

Our church, Northland, had Amy Grant in concert Thursday night. When I first heard that she was coming I was excited and really wanted to go since she was the first concert I went to as a child. Then once we looked at ticket prices and then paying a sitter, we decided not to spend the money now. I was disappointed but knew it was for a good reason. Then on Thursday night around 6pm, my friend Amy called me and asked "want to get out of the house for a few hours?" I of course said sure, and then asked what for? She had an extra ticket to the Amy Grant concert! I called Marty who was picking up dinner and made sure it was fine. Of course he said yes, so I hurried and ate when he got home and then met Amy at church.

What Amy didn't tell me was that she also had "meet and greet" passes for after the concert, even better! It was amazing to me how I remembered every word to songs I hadn't heard in about 20 years. But I did listen to them A LOT back then. It was so fun to be reminded of certain memories pretty much every old song she sang. For example, when she sang "Father's Eyes" I had this vivid memory of sitting at a table with my dad at a church Daddy daughter dinner listening to a girl my age sing that song. And on another song I remembered baking chocolate chip cookies listening to Amy Grant on my awesome pink Walkman. It was just such a fun night remembering and also a fun night getting to finally hang out with my friend Amy (not Amy Grant, the one that gave me the tickets). Thanks Amy for inviting me it was such a fun blessing!

I didn't even think to bring my camera which was sad, but I did get some pictures with my awful camera phone.

David (who got us the tickets - Amy Grant used to babysit his sister's kids), Brieana (Amy B.'s daughter), Amy, Amy Grant and myself

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  1. that is sooo fun! I know you wanted to go so badly. What a blessing!