Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas in Virginia

As I said in my previous post we got to Virginia early in the morning the day after Christmas. We all took a short nap on the living room floor until everyone else got up, then the kids wanted to go play in the snow immediately. There was probably 12 inches left over from the snow storm, of 18 inches, a week before! The kids had so much fun playing in the snow and sledding. I knew Graham would love it no matter how cold he got, but I didn't except the girls to love it so much. I figured Abbie and Molly would say it was too cold but they loved the snow.

The snow had a layer of ice on top and Molly kept picking up big pieces of it and carrying them around. She would get excited at every piece she picked up! She had a pretty hard time walking in the snow because it was ice on top. She would step and then a second later the ice would give way and she would sink past her ankles and so every few steps it would make her fall down. Sometimes she could step on it and not sink though. It was pretty difficult to walk in but she sure was cute trying.

Abbie enjoyed getting to sled down the hill by herself. Her sweet cousins (all boys and older) would help her carry her sled back up the huge hill. She did amazing and I was so proud of how she just tried everything new and wasn't fearful. She kept asking to make a snow man, but the snow was so icy on top but then powdery underneath that we never could figure it out:(

Graham would have played outside the whole day if we would have let him. He loved sledding down the huge hill and even got to sled down on Marty's back once or twice. I know he also loved being with all the other boys! He was a little disappointed that it didn't actually snow when we were there. He said he wanted to catch the snow with his tongue.

Grandma Great's 100th birthday party turned out very nice. She looked beautiful in her favorite color, purple. She was having a hard time hearing all that went on but the rest of us really enjoyed celebrating her life. She is a wonderful, Godly woman and has been blessed to live 100 years!

Molly after playing the snow. She loved the boots Aunt Melody found for her.

Caleb and Graham, with the green sled, on the hill.

Grandma Great lives in a beautiful hillside. I wish I had taken more pictures because the snow just seemed to go on forever and was so beautiful!

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  1. Beautiful SNOW PICS! Bradley will stay out in snow all day too. It is never enough time. Love the pic of Molly in her boots! They go up to her knees :)