Friday, January 29, 2010

Pinewood Derby race

Saturday, Graham's Cub Scouts had their Pinewood Derby Race. Graham wanted to make his car look like one of his Hot Wheels and I think Marty and him did an amazing job!

We weren't sure how well his car would race since we've never done this before, but Uncle Mike gave us a few pointers. Graham kept telling us how much he wanted a trophy and we just kept telling him what a good job he did making it and that it is about having fun.

His car ended up being the Grand Champion though!! He was undefeated! Obviously he was super excited. He was so funny when they were giving out the trophies because even though he won every race, he didn't know (like Marty and I did) that he was the Grand Champion. And now he gets to race his car in the regional Derby race in March.

A bunch of the cars lined up, some of them where so fun. There was a hummer, a skateboard and a block of cheese just to name a few.

Graham's is the black one with yellow wheels in the middle.

On the starting block, this was the first of five races. We were all nervous since we had no idea how well it would do.

Abbie and Molly did fantastic for the two and a half hours. They would watch a little and then play with their Barbies, watch, play Barbies - they were very patient!

Graham and I during a break

Graham and some of the other Tiger Cubs

Abbie entertaining herself with a Capri Sun:)

The builders with their winning car and trophy.

Graham, Daddy, Abbie and Molly all proud of the trophy

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