Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve Marty gave me one of my presents. It was a new video camera - yeah! I am so happy to have a new HD camera and it is at least half the size and weight of our old camera (and way better quality). But since we were so excited to use it, we didn't take one picture on Christmas day:( But we did have a fun morning. Marty was up before me (well he actually fell asleep downstairs on the floor when he was supposed to be wrapping presents, so he was already down there!) so he let the kids open their stocking when they came down stairs. I came down a short time later and we opened our presents. I love the way we have done presents as a family. We let each person take a turn opening and everyone else watches. I feel like it makes it more special and then we all get to see each other's reactions.

Abbie just got so excited at each and every gift opened. She was usually more excited than whoever was opening the present. It was sweet, a little overwhelming at times, but I sure love her excitement!

Graham was hilarious when he got to open his big present that Marty brought out afterwards. He kept saying "I have no idea what this is" even though it was the one thing he kept telling us he wanted. It was a remote control car, actually a huge off road one. I guess since it was so big he had no idea.

Molly still opened her presents very slowly and carefully, making sure she got all the wrapping paper off it. Abbie kept yelling out what it was before Molly had a chance to realize what it was. She didn't seem to mind though. She just kind of slowly soaked it all in.

Then after presents our friend Chris came over for a huge breakfast with us. His mom was supposed to fly in from Oklahoma on Christmas eve but got snowed in from their huge snow storm.

A funny part of our day was when I super glued a plastic Barbie sword to my finger. Yep, I sure did! Somehow I glued the sword to the top of my middle finger. Chris and Marty sure thought it was funny. Did they offer to help me get it off? Nope they just laughed at me. Graham kept saying "it's not funny. it's superglued to her finger" until I explained I could get it off, then of course he was lauging at me:)

Then after Chris left we packed up and left for Virginia. We didn't end up leaving till about 8:30pm, but made great time and made it there around 6:30am. The kids did amazing in the car. Molly woke up crying around 2 but we just put on a movie for her and she was fine. At one point Marty stopped so I could drive but it wasn't at a gas station so there weren't many lights. Once we told Graham that the huge pile in front of us was snow he was even more excited to get to Grandma Great's house.

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