Saturday, January 16, 2010

Virginia - part two

Our trip to Virginia had a lot packed into it. On Saturday when we go there we played in the snow most of the day then that night we had Christmas with everyone. That meant 10 adults and 7 kids opening presents at the same time in a really, really tiny room. It was crazy but nice to be with family. The next day was Grandma Great's party. We spent all morning getting ready for the party and then all afternoon at the party. Then of course as soon as we got back home the kids all wanted to play in the snow. They played for a while outside and then when it got dark Uncle Todd turned his car lights on so they could keep sledding. Graham loved getting to play outside when it was dark and in snow!

The next day we had a birthday party for Graham who turned 7 on the 26th, Molly who turned 3 on the 27th and Luke who turned 7 on the 2nd of January. Uncle Mark also had a birthday on the 30th but didn't want it recognized:) Then that evening we headed back to Orlando. It was a short, jam packed trip. We were so glad to get to celebrate Grandma Great's 100th birthday with her, and it was a fun bonus to have so much snow!

Molly showing me how old she is now!

Some of the cousins watching a movie during one of the short times they weren't outside in the snow.

I know these pictures aren't any good but I was still excited to use my new video camera so once again barely took any actual pictures!

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